Talkeetna is alive with history and local character. Learn about the early settlers, enjoy a gentle walking tour of the original townsite, or relax at a local restaurant and meet some of the year-round residents.

Winter visits to the area are becoming increasingly popular, offering Northern Lights viewing, cross country skiing, dog sledding and snowmobiling trips. Let us help you enjoy an unforgettable Alaskan adventure.

Fly over North America's tallest mountain. Experience the awe inspiring mountain views and imagine the successes and failures of those who try to reach her summit. Talkeetna Denali Visitors Center provides bookings for all air taxis in Talkeetna for flightseeing trips, glacier landings on Mt. McKinley, charters and executive flights.

Stay awhile in Talkeetna and immerse yourself in the "Real Alaska". Talkeetna Denali Visitors Center can book you into hotels, B&B's, remote lodges and cabins in Talkeetna, Denali National Park and anywhere in the state!

Talkeetna is a town largely noted for its river fun. Special package trips include a flight to McKinley, lunch and a river boat cruise or raft trip; gourmet dinner on McKinley; Denali Park overnights, as well as other custom tours. All river activities can be booked directly through Talkeetna Denali Visitors Center.

Guided hikes to waterfalls, homesteads and local lakes, and nature walks for all experience levels are available to help you experience the Alaska you can to see. Talkeetna Denali Visitors Center has detailed maps of local biking and hiking trails. The staff can help you pick the trail best suited for you. Specialized mountain bikes at reasonable rates are available for rent in Talkeetna. Please contact us for more information.

Away from the city lights, Talkeetna offers superb Northern Lights viewing. Hotels, motels and cabins remain open year round, as well as restaurants, shops and museums. Well maintained trails for skiing, walking, dog sledding and snowmobiling - hour trips, day long or overnight!

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