Some newsy news from Talkeetna:
School is back in session, the college students have returned to school, and Talkeetna has taken on its Winter face. You may think that everything comes to a standstill in the winter in Alaska, but this is not so in Talkeetna. The local residents live for the winter and plan lots of activities and visiting.

Talkeetna celebrates Winterfest all December long. This year was a big success, with specials at the local restaurants, music every weekend, and lots of fun. Downtown was decorated with lights and Santas; and the Wilderness Woman Contest and Bachelor Auction and Ball were a hoot as usual.

Temperatures have been around freezing and mostly clear. We have about 12" of snow on the ground so the ski and dogsled trails are in better shape. The lakes are frozen but many of the rivers and streams are still flowing and haven't frozen up yet. Mt. McKinley has been clear most of the month, and sunset is just awesome! There have been some fabulous Northern Lights recently, and with the fairly warm temperatures, it is nice enough to stand outside and watch them.

Most of the businesses in Talkeetna are open year round. The local air taxis think that winter flightseeing is just as terrific as summer flights. Winter lighting in the Alaska Range, with the contrast of black and white, provide some outstanding photo opportunities.

Paul Roderick from Talkeetna Air Taxi just got back from Nepal where he had been trekking. He is going to give a slide show sometime in February; wish you could be here.

Doug Geeting flew in three climbers from Australia who attempted a winter ascent of Mt. McKinley by the West Buttress route. They reached about the 11,000 foot level before turning back.

The Talkeetna Aero Services hangar is up and almost finished. It is the biggest thing on the airport. Everyone is anticipating a huge Summer Solstice Party this next summer.

All of the local shops and restaurants are open year round, although some of the shops and museums are on a limited schedule most of the winter. Ski and snowshoe rentals are available through the Talkeetna Outdoor Center.

Talkeetna is expecting some winter tourists, especially during Fur Rendezvous, the Special Olympics Winter Games, and Iditarod. The Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge will be closed until the end of February. Their new addition of 100 rooms is pretty much on schedule - the work site sure lights up the hill outside town. The Swiss Alaska Inn has completed the remodeling of all of its lodge rooms, and they will be open all winter. Other lodging options are private cabins, B&B's and the Latitude 62 Lodge and Talkeetna Motel.

Talkeetna awaits you!

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